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Growing Clients Connect with CustomersGrowing Clients Connect with CustomersGrowing Clients Connect with Customers

GroCyber connects large enterprise customers with leading cyber solutions

About GroCyber

Experience & Expertise

GroCyber brings over 4 decades of cyber security experience supporting large enterprise security programs and growing start-up and turn-around companies.  We help large enterprises find the right solutions because we aren't biased by the "Hammer & Nail" syndrome.  We also help growing cyber businesses with some of the most challenging elements of building a great company including: Sales, Marketing, Product Management and raising capital.


Cyber spending is projected to reach over $124 billion in 2019 according to Gartner, with large enterprises averaging 80 vendors each to run their programs.  The vendor management alone combined with the constant time consuming pitches & upselling is out of control.  GroCyber is here to help alleviate our CUSTOMERS' stress by rationalizing the right solutions for the right problems.  Let us help you make the right investment decisions in your cyber program by applying our knowledge to solve your problems.


In 2019, the investor world will have put over $4B in capital to work within cyber businesses globally.  With thousands of cyber companies being launched every year, only the strong survive through exceptional expertise and execution.  GroCyber helps cyber companies create value by applying our expertise and experience into improving your sales, marketing, and  product management execution.  We also advise our CLIENTS looking to raise capital by identifying the right investors for every stage of growth.



GroCyber Customers are large enterprises that need non-biased advice on what solutions will solve their problems.  The cyber market is fractured and riddled with point solutions, partial solutions, and solution suites that are only suites on a pricelist.  Allow GroCyber to take a sincere look at your program challenges and we can either help you directly or find someone that can. 


GroCyber Clients are cyber companies looking to accelerate market share with real solutions that provably work to solve customer problems.  We will be your greatest critic and champion and in doing so, grow with you.

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